"I'm so grateful to have discovered Yoga Mt Rainier. Cindy's instruction and technique strike a perfect balance between effort and ease. I leave each session feeling renewed in mind, body and spirit."


"Cindy is very knowledgeable, patient, calming and kind! I have learned so much from Cindy, mentally and physically, and most of all I always feel very welcome."


"Cindy and Yoga Mt Rainier changed my life. I'm now stronger, more limber and more balanced. I am claiming back what  I had when I was younger!"


"I've done yoga off and on for a few years but it was evident after my first class at Yoga Mt. Rainier that I had been doing it wrong. Cindy not only showed me the correct way to do the poses but has taught me to listen to and trust my body. I had hip pain and mobility issues when I started classes but both are nearly nonexistent now."


"The gentle yoga class at Yoga Mt Rainier is my weekly balance, stretching and core strengthening time. Cindy is an amazing instructor with lots of knowledge and encouragement. This class is great for any age or ability!"


"Yoga Mt Rainier is welcoming studio. In class Cindy provides clear guidance and recognizes each individual. When needed she readily makes adjustments and recognizes your individual accomplishments."


High praise for this beautiful, thoughtful, space. Practicing yoga with Cindy, over the past five years, has redirected my life. I love the wall, the poses, and the challenges as much as I love our final Savasana.


"Yoga Mt Rainier has truly been a blessing in my life. The studio, warm and welcoming, is fresh and clean. The teacher, Cindy, is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, adapting to a student’s ability and never pushing beyond one’s physical limitations. Although I take the gentle yoga class, Cindy offers other levels as well.
After a few weeks of yoga, I felt a vast difference in my arthritic back pain and mobility. Now, a year later, I am nearly pain free and am back to walling, hiking, and enjoying my activities again.
The change to my physical and mental well being has been incredible. I’s been a great journey to get here and has helped me learn to help myself. Now, for me, yoga is a lifelong commitment and I am forever grateful to have my life back."


"I am so grateful to have found Cindy and Yoga Mount Rainier! I have taken yoga classes over the years but never from someone so knowledgeable, intuitive, and empowering. The studio is not only in a dreamy location, it is clean and equipped with absolutely everything you need. So inviting and enjoyable whether you are new or experienced, local or new to the area.
No matter your skillset, insecurities, aches/pains, or past injuries- Cindy has the wonderful ability to make sure everyone gets the most from every minute of her class. She doesn't simply move you through a routine, she teaches you about what your body is doing in the pose and why. I always leave with a stronger sense of my self, inspired to pay more attention to my body and remembering to BREATHE no matter what the week throws at me! Yoga Mount Rainier is an absolute treasure."


"Cindy at Yoga Mt. Rainier has curated a beautiful studio, welcoming community and an environment that has helped me grow in my yoga practice. Her calm and educational approach to yoga has been a life changer for me. She takes the time to get to know her students and the smaller environment creates space for yogis of all abilities. From addressing injuries to healing loneliness and isolation in my yoga practice. Cindy's studio is a beautiful accompaniment to my at home practice and I am so grateful to have found her and her yoga community!"