What to Expect at Yoga Mt Rainier

Expect to be greeted with a warm smile. Then you will leave your shoes and socks in the small hallway and walk into the studio to collect your mat and blocks.  Each student will align their mat parallel to the wall (and each other) and sit facing the teacher's mat in the front of the room. We will start on time with a short quiet focus to bring ourselves into our bodies.

Next the movements begin.  We work on a Purna Yoga warm up series such as the Hip Series or Morning Series, to open and warm the muscles in the body.  Next we work on Standing Poses to strengthen the body and build endurance following with gentle inversions, twists, and sometimes backbends. Don't worry! The poses in class will vary depending on the type of class and level of experience of the student.  Everybody can do yoga if you have the right teacher and props. Also, please remember that yoga is never about performance or perfecting the pose.  It is about getting to know oneself once again.

We will end with Shavasana, where you lie on your back in silence to absorb all the amazing benefits of each pose.